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Hi, I’m Shih-wen ‘Angela’ Chen, a UX / interaction designer and creative technologist with solid programming experience and strong interdisciplinary communication skill. I enjoy employing my creativity and enthusiasm in understanding and solving problems to serve human via design & technology. An alto choral singer with hearing loss, I currently focuses on universal design & assistive technology with music.

About this website

This website introduces my general UX design process, and the three main UX projects I worked on during my time at Parsons:

  • Shine: my Master’s thesis; a singing coaching app for singers with hearing loss on iOS and Apple Watch, transcribing hearing into seeing and feeling, to build singers’ confidence.

  • Boil Monitor: a monitoring app prototype to assist user with hearing loss to take care of the boiling status of their pot, on iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

  • New School Logo Generator: a website, as a parody of the new identity design of The New School, for students to play with their New School-style logo ideas.

Also, I’ve included my several pet projects, such as interactive websites and visual designs.

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